Saturday, September 15, 2012

FILM STUDY: Brandon Weeden Week 1 vs. Eagles

After watching All 22 game film, I decided to breakdown Brandon Weeden's rough Week 1 outing vs. the Eagles. First, a theme I noticed with film photos, then my notes on of all 35 of  Weeden's passes.

PROBLEM: Weeden struggles in the pocket when his protection breaks down to the right side

Trent Richardson fails to hold a block on the rushing end, Phillip Hunt

The pressure is there and though Hunt stumbles, he is nearing Weeden, forcing him to get rid of the ball

Weeden gets it out before he's hit but it's underthrown for the intended receiver Travis Benjamin deep down the right sideline...

And intercepted by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who is in perfect position to easily pull it down

On this play, Cullen Jenkins breaks free and is flustering Weeden to his right shoulder

Mohamed Massaquoi is wide open deep down the right sideline but as you can see, the pass is nowhere near Massaquoi, sailed over his head out of bounds

Weeden excelled in short drop, quick release play setups, the source of most of his completions. He struggled when forced to make reads in the pocket and when pressure could build up around him. The gameplan for Week 2 should include more of these quick release plays to minimize the potential for mistakes and allow Weeden to build confidence.

1- Three-step drop, slant 24 yards to Massaquoi, 18 YAC
2- play action to TE A. Smith, -1 yards
3-  stood in pocket, 3 yds, Watson
4- Three step drop,  slant 12 yards to Benjamin
5- Stood in pocket, Massaquoi crossing route, 4 yards
6- playaction, short pass to Jackson, 6 yards
7- Stood in pocket, Eagles prevent, Gordon 20 yards
8- Shotgun, three-second release, two steps, slant to Gordon, 12 yards
9- Shotgun, three-second release, two steps, slant to Massaquoi, 13 yards
10- Richardson out of backfield, Weeden pressured, 5 yards 
11- Shotgun, Three-step drop, three-second release, out, 6 yards Watson
12- Jackson out of the backfield, 14 yards

1- Deep right, Massaquoi -SAILED
2- less than 10, slant to Benjamin, broken up 
3- DROP, Richardson
4- INT 1- off Little's hands red zone, into Eagles for INT by safety Coleman
5- Miscommunication to Richardson out of backfield
6- INT 2- deep for Benjamin, pressured to right, INT by DRC
7- Short out for Little, thrown out of bounds, uncatchable
8- Play action A. Smith WIDE OPEN, Weeden never sees him to his left down the field, thrown away deep to his right after pressured 
9- DEEP pass for Massaquoi SAILED out of bounds
10-  DROP Marecic
11- Too high, Benjamin DEEP
12- Broken up for Massaquoi
13- INT 3 - deep for Benjamin, pressured to right, INT by DRC
14- coverage, drop? Intended Gordon
15- Crossing, incomplete, off hands
16- Behind Little
17- Dropped/broken up for Benjamin
18- Pressure, thrown away
19- SAILED open A. Smith, end zone, uncatchable out of bounds
20- Off target Cameron, inside 10
21- SAILED, out of bounds, uncatchable for Little
22- DROP, Jackson out of backfield
23- INT 4- DEEP for Massaquoi picked by safety Coleman

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